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Secure-GA addresses the security/ authentication needs, including brand protection, diversion tracing need of manufacturers as well as product identification and authentication for consumers.
Brand Protection We offer various Security product ranging from standard and custom tamper-evident security solutions to sophisticated brand authentication technologies and services for anti counterfeiting and gray market protection. We customize product according to the need of customer to develop a unique, multi-layered solution that integrates the latest in brand security technologies.
 Anti-Tampering  | Anti-Counterfeiting Device  | RFID Labels  | Anti-Theft Devices  | Cover-Up Label  | Tamper Evident Devices
Product Authentication

RFID technologies is extensively used in for asset tracking. This flexibility allows clients to monitor assets of different value and with different movement patterns in a more accurate, secure, complete and cost effective manner.It is widely used in supply chain management system in cargo /asset Tracing & Tracking.

Taggants are nano materials that are uniquely encoded onto wide range of materials and virtually impossible to replicate.Taggants are basically used to identify the genunity of an item/product. It's optimal potential lies in various identification in supply chain management like - manufacturer's / distributor's details,batch code,warrant details etc

Trace & Track Secure-GA maintain an electronic record of the trail that confirms the origin of a product.
Authentication confirmation - Anytime.. Anywhere..

» Cost-effective solution with no compromise on security.
» Unique tagging with encrypted credentials
» Cost-effective solution with no compromise on security.
» Quick authentication of products / assets with tracking and data retrieval.
» Customized solution for wide spectra of industry verticals.
» Online Authentication via internet and SMS authentication

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